Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forgetless #3

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Scott Forbes and Marley Zarcone

I've been enjoying this series quite a bit. I like how Spencer is giving us a series of short, interconnected stories, and using different artists for each one.

The first story in this issue brings us back to our two model/assassins, and their strange encounter with their intended victim and the guy in a koala suit. It becomes a springboard into the girls' backstory, this time focusing on Sara, the more experienced of the two hitgirls. This story continues to use small Twitter-like postings to give us some insight into the girls' psyches.

The second story is once again about Darla and her friends, who have now made their way into New York, and are preparing to go to Forgetless. On the way, they run into other examples of the bridge and tunnel crowd, including Darla's previous best friend, causing her to experience a crisis of faith.

Both of these stories are amusingly written and enjoyable to read. I look forward to next issue's 'sex-addicted koala' story.

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