Saturday, March 27, 2010

Northlanders #26

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Leandro Fernandez

Things continue to get worse for Hilda and Karin. Gunborg moves to consolidate his control of the settlement, which means removing a number of potential and perceived threats. We also get to find out just what exactly Gunborg did on his mission to the closest town. Hilda gives comfort and aid to Boris, which of course draws the attention of Gunborg and his men, especially Jens, who still has a thing for Hilda.

What makes this long arc so interesting is the way in which Wood is studying the way people react to tragedy and isolation. In many ways, this arc is similar to some of the stufff Wood has done in DMZ; a community has cut itself off from the outside world, and has to make due with the resources at hand to survive. The difference is that, because of the time period this is set in, it is much more difficult to survive in this world.

Fernandez has been doing some amazing work on this story. There are a few splash-pages throughout this issue, and they are stunning.

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