Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joe the Barbarian #3

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Sean Murphy

Morrison's latest Vertigo title continues to be an entertaining ride, as it takes on more of the classic features of a hero's quest, now saddling Joe and Jack with the company of Smoot, a giant dwarf (which means he's Joe's size) from a kingdom of submarine pirates that (I think) live in the pipes of Joe's house.

The story continues to cut between Joe's adventures in some fantasy land with his attempts to get himself to the kitchen for some soda (he's hypoglycemic remember) in interesting and visually arresting ways. There is a little more background information provided this time around, as we learn a little more about the 'Dying Boy', a prophesied hero that everyone assumes is Joe.

The big draw of this book continues to be the art, as Murphy is doing some amazing stuff here. I found it interesting that, considering the book's content, that Morrison would have a character use the phrase 'the stuff of legend'. Intentional shout-out?

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