Saturday, March 13, 2010

Resurrection #9

Written by Marc Guggenheim and Ross Campbell
Art by Justin Greenwood and Ross Campbell

Guggenheim is finally giving us some (however cryptic) information about the Bugs, and why they invaded Earth in this issue. We also see the end result of infection by the techno-organic virus last seen in the first volume of the series, as one of the main characters gets infected (or chosen, depending on your point of view) on the bug ship (or temple, same reason).

A lot of what Guggenheim is doing in this series has been done before - there are elements of Y: The Last Man, V, The Walking Dead, The Stand, and a touch of Battlestar Galactica - but the way in which he is combining them makes for a consistently interesting read. Bill Clinton's inclusion is increasingly seeming less like a gimmick and more like an important story element.

The back-up this time around is by Ross Campbell, and it's vastly different from anything I've seen him do before (ie., no round-bottomed teenage girls experimenting with their sexuality) both in terms of story and art. This has a much thicker look than his usual style, and boldly coloured to add dramatic effect. The lack of dialogue or narration works quite well here. I hope this is a two-parter, because the ending was unsatisfying and abrupt.

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