Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shuddertown #1

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Adam Geen

I pre-ordered this series based on the strength of Spencer's other current title, Forgetless, which I have been enjoying quite a bit. The two series have nothing in common beyond the author's name, but I am quite glad I picked up this comic. It's really quite good.

The first issue doesn't give us much. We figure out that the main character, police Lieutenant Isaac Harrison, who has recently been shot on the job, is in a bad place. He's got a group of murders that he doesn't know how to solve - in each case, the DNA on the scene identifies the killer as being someone already known to be dead. His closest cop friend is not willing to help him transfer into vice. There's some unexplained stuff with some pills. So basically, things do look pretty bad.

This on its own is enough of a premise for a pretty decent cop comic, but Spencer really draws me in through the running narrative we get from Harrison. It's basically an essay on lying, and how to be an effectual one. It makes me question if anything we are seeing is accurate or true, and calls out for repeated readings.

The art, by Green, works here. It's got an Alex Maleev/Michael Gaydos kind of thing going on, which I like. I'm excited about this title, and looking forward to more.

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