Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sword #22

by The Luna Brothers

This issue is pretty much exactly what you would expect by this point in its publication history. Dara and Malia yell at each other a lot, and they fight. There are no flashbacks to Dara's childhood, and barely anyone else above the level of 'innocent bystander' appears in the comic; it's just the start to the final confrontation that has been building for a while.

And while this is a pretty quick read, it's also a very good one. The Lunas have developed Dara and Malia to the point that we can see how the two women are trying to manipulate one another, and while Malia scores the first victory by goading Dara into attacking her first, it is Dara that manages to expose Malia's true nature to the whole world, even though the consequences of that are pretty crazy.

There's not much to say about this comic at this point in its run. People who like it have stuck with it, people who are interested from these reviews are going to wait and read it in trade. I do hope more people check it out though, because it's some pretty cool stuff.

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