Saturday, March 6, 2010

Underground #5

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Steve Lieber

Underground has been one of the better mini-series I've read in the last couple of years, and the ending is just about perfect. As the two rangers are chased through the cave system, the rescue effort starts to discover the bodies of the men who had been chasing them and perished in earlier issues. This lends an urgency to the scenes, as Wes and Seth take some extreme steps to find the way out of the caves (and discover some really old moonshine in the process).

Parker has graced this story with a lot of strong character development, and has a feel for how people would react in and to these types of situations. Lieber's art is fantastic throughout.

I've praised this book enough that it's difficult to find new things to say, but perhaps the highest form of praise I have is that this issue reminded me of some of the earlier issues of Concrete, in its ability to marry a compelling and exciting story with a non-preachy message of ecological awareness. This is a title that seriously deserves some awards.

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