Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jonah Hex #53

Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Billy Tucci

This was a good issue of Jonah Hex. By now, it must be difficult for Gray and Palmiotti to come up with new concepts or ideas for a character who is, basically, pretty one-dimensional. There are so many twists and variations one can pull on the 'bounty hunter hunts down prey' trope, without setting your story in the far future (which I still hope they won't do one day).

But let's face it, much of what makes this title work is the alternating roster of artists. Billy Tucci does a great job on this issue, as Hex employs an actress to help him hunt down a train-robbing gang fronted by a pair of brothers. Tucci was born to draw characters like Lana, and his Hex is pretty good too - younger and less road-weary than other artists' renditions, but still pretty faithful. Partway through this issue, I started imagining how good an issue by Mike Kaluta would look...

The problem with the book is that I saw the twist towards the end coming a mile away, even if it doesn't really make a lot of sense. Still and all, it's nice to see this book continues to chug along.

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