Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fables #93

Written by Bill Willingham
Art by David Lapham

So what began as a fun baseball story has become an examination of Flycatcher's approach to justice in his kingdom of Haven, as Brump, the goblin accused of murdering a squirrel goes on trial. The stakes are high for Fly - if he is seen as being too soft in this case, he will have a hard time upholding his other laws, but if he is seen as being anti-goblin, racial tensions could rip his kingdom apart. Also, he has to avoid the perception of acting out of spite since Brump was the goblin responsible for defeating his baseball team.

Willingham sets up a nice little courtroom drama, complete with an eloquent and novel defense brought in by Trusty John, that paints the case as a part of the endless nature vs. nurture debate.

This has been an enjoyable little arc, and it's been good to see Lapham's art again (still missing Young Liars here), but I am looking forward to finding out what's been happening on the Farm.

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