Monday, November 30, 2009

One Bad Day

by Steve Rolston

This is a fun little book from the artist on The Escapists and Queen & Country. Rolston tells the story of Marie, a typical downtown Toronto 20-something, who is out with her best friend when she happens to see an old friend from high school. As he crosses the street to greet her, he is hit by a car, and badly injured.

Marie and friend take him to the hospital, and then later discover that they are being followed by some creepy bald guy that looks like Mr. X. From there, Marie's life is turned upside down, as people with guns start chasing her, and a whole lot of bad things begin to happen (including having to go to a party for her cousin from Scarborough).

This is an enjoyable and quick read. Rolston's art is as great as usual, and the choice to use pale green ink instead of black gives the book a unique look. I'm predisposed to like it because it's a very Toronto piece of work, but I would like to see more from Rolston in this vein.

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