Saturday, November 21, 2009

Underground #3

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Steve Lieber

This issue of Underground is just about perfect. The two rangers are being chased through the cave by the bad guys, and most of the issue has them fighting while tied to ropes and descending into a giant cavern. The scene is a technically difficult one to show in a comic, and Lieber manages in such a way that the action is not only clear, it is palpably exciting. Were this a made into a movie, I doubt the director would be able to create the same sense of tension and suspense.

The choice of printing a comic that is mostly set underground in the dark is a wise, if at first less than obvious one. The few pages set above ground are a sharp contrast to the monochromatic cave scenes, giving the reader the effect of having to wait for his eyes to adjust.

This is now my favourite comic being published.

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