Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chew #6

Written by John Layman
Art by Rob Guillory

This was to be my 'make it or break it' issue of Chew. I liked the first five, but couldn't decide if this was a title I wanted to sign on to for the long haul or not. There were hints of greatness, but enough juvenile gross-out humour to turn me off in most issues.

Well, with the first issue of the 'International Flavor' arc, I'm adding Chew to my pull list. The book has improved quite a bit in terms of pacing and character development. I think having Colby, Chu's partner from the first issue, move over to the FDA and become his partner again is a wise choice, especially now that he's all Robocop. The buddy cop set-up helps ground the book a little, and balances out Chu's uptight character.

I also like the way the story this month is centred around some real detective work, and not Tony's powers, even though they do appear in a couple of places. It gives the impression that there may be some real longevity to this series, instead of it being a one-joke wonder.

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