Saturday, November 14, 2009

Red Herring #4

Written by David Tischman
Art by Philip Bond and David Hahn

A lot of things get cleared up in this issue, such as the truth behind the alien invasion, and we learn a lot more about Red Herring's intentions, if not yet his motivation. Damorge wants a divorce, and Maggie gets her nails done.

Tischman has set up a very interesting story in this comic, and by keeping things so close to the vest, he has kept the readers wondering, while still maintaining interest in the storyline.

No one could pick this series up in the middle and have a clue what was going on, but I'm sure this will read quite well in trade. (I still wish Bond was doing full pencils, and not just lay-outs, but I like Hahn's work in this issue much more).

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