Saturday, November 28, 2009

Days Missing #4

Written by Matz
Art by Hugo Petrus

Ever since reading Eduardo Galeano's 'Voice of Fire' trilogy some fifteen years ago, I've had an interest in South American history, specifically with regards to relations between the European conquistadors and the indigenous peoples. Ten years ago or so, I read Bernal Díaz's 'Conquest of New Spain', a first-person accounting of his time in Cortes's army.

I didn't really expect that an issue of Days Missing would coincide with this interest, and so this issue was a very pleasant surprise. In this issue, the Phantom Stranger attempts to correct the injustices Cortes heaped upon the Aztec, although things don't exactly work out as expected.

It's a good little tale. Matz, the writer of the superb 'The Killer' does a good job of handling this story, and Petrus's art works quite well, in a Dennis Calero kind of way. I've been enjoying this title mostly because of its rotating roster of creative teams, although I do look forward to next issue, which brings back the duo of Hester and Irving.

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