Saturday, November 14, 2009

Resurrection #5

Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Justin Greenwood and Brandon Graham

Usually when I write about this comic, my focus is on the main story, which I enjoy quite a bit. This issue, however, the back-up is the main event, as Guggenheim gives us an odd little story about some writer who has waited out the alien invasion in a bunker outside of Helsinki, along with some old rich men and six Argentinian girls. This back up is drawn by Brandon Graham, making it automatically the best comic that came out this week. Graham is in full-on Moebius mode here, showing us wide open spaces and a subdued, pastel palette, and his work is fantastic.

In the main story, we get more of President Clinton, as his protectors and our usual heroes try to get him out of town in the face of the rabid road agents. There is betrayal and back story; all the things that make this such a good comic.

I've been enjoying this volume of Resurrection quite a bit. It seems more decompressed than the first volume did, but the story is moving in new, and unexpected, directions.

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