Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crate Digging: Golden Gunn

by Bond

I like this now way more than I did when I first got it. If I remember correctly, this came with the Reaver's album, which I proceeded to play the hell out of, while this little gem got over-looked.

Playing it now, I can really appreciate Bond's production. About half of the tracks here are instrumental (or at least as instrumental as Bond gets, as he constantly samples from news broadcasts or other spoken sources), while others are remixes of tracks he had done with Backwoodz mainstays like Super Chron Flight Brothers, Vordul Mega, Keith Masters, Hasan Salaam, Akir, and more.

What I liked best would be the instrumentals to 'Low Tide', a song that appears as part of a medley track on the end of the first Super Chron album. On here, without Woods vocals, the sampled song plays longer, and it's a nice piece of music.

I would love to see a Bond solo album right about now...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for uploading this.

Oh no wait, you didn't.
Thanks for nothing faggot

thingslikei said...

When you ask nicely like that, it's hard to imagine why I wouldn't want to help you out.

You can buy this at CD Baby (, or a number of other digital sites.

Support artists. It's worth the $9.