Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Unwritten #16

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross

While this series has been running for the last year and a half, Carey has kept readers almost as much in the dark about things as Tommy himself has felt.  With this issue, plenty gets explained, as Tommy is finally reunited with Wilson, his father, although the creepy muttonchops guy shows up as well.  The theme of fatherhood is also present when Lizzie Hexam, having returned to her own book, chapter, and original home, gets to meet with her dad.

This was a good issue, and the coolest stuff in it revolved around the scenes with the launch of the 14th Tommy Taylor book, as the publisher revealed how he pulled one over on the Cabal, although it looked to the rest of the world like he was simply avoiding press reviews and bootleggers.  It's a very cool publicity stunt that Carey describes, and I wonder how well it would really work.

From its inception, this has been a series that has required a fair amount of reader attention and faith, and I'm interested to see where things go from here.

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