Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ghost Projekt #4

Written by Joe Harris
Art by Steve Rolston

This issue is probably the best of the series so far, and that's saying a lot as this has been an excellent comic.  In this issue, we have a ghostly, rampaging Tartar (see the cover), the benefits of being friends with an ethereal girl, and a wicked use of hypnosis. 

When this story started (even despite the name), I saw it as a biological weapons, post-Cold War thriller, and that's what it is, but it has integrated the supernatural quite effectively.

Rolston's art has been terrific throughout this series.  He's become a little less cartoonish in his approach, and it works very well here.  He's always done well with scenes that are focused on people, but his action scenes in this book are incredible.  Recommended.

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