Friday, August 20, 2010

The Light #5

Written by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Brett Weldele

This was a very cool little mini-series.  The Light is an interesting variation on the typical zombie story.  Something in transmitted light (streetlights bad, headlights good) is infecting people and burning them up.  Coyle, a drunk and wife abuser, is trying to keep his teenage daughter Avery alive, despite the fact that she hates, resents, and even blames him for everything that is going on.

In this issue, Coyle is being chased by one of the men he had been traveling with, but is also still hoping to knock out a major power plant in the hopes that it will protect anyone still alive.  The issue is fraught with suspense, but it is the truly dysfunctional relationship between father and daughter that makes the book work so well.

In the textpiece at the back of the book, Edmondson talks about the usual portrayal of light in literature as being inherently good and beneficial.  It's very cool that with this series, he and Weldele flipped that idea, and made light something to be feared.  This title should read great in trade format, and I highly recommend giving it a chance.

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