Friday, August 20, 2010


Written by Ana Matronic and Mr. Sheldon
Art by Dan Duncan and Mr. Sheldon

There are two stories in this issue of CBGB, of vastly differing styles and appeal to me.

The book opens with a story written by Ana Matronic, who is apparently in a band called the Scissor Sisters (should I know who they are?), and drawn in a style that seems like a cross between Becky Cloonan and early (ie. Shade the Changing Man era) Chris Bachalo.  In this story, the narrator is a writer with a bad case of writer's block, in 1970s New York.  Her only true release comes from attending shows at CBGB, and writing about them for the Village Voice.

It's a very nice piece, and works as a great tribute to a very specific time and place. 

The second story, by Mr. Sheldon, is cute I guess, but completely not my thing.  This is a pretty cool comic though - I like that Boom is trying something so different from what they usually publish.

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