Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog With a Rope

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

I'm rather late in finding my way to Quantic, but have so far enjoyed both projects that I've bought, and figured this one would be a safe purchase.

On this album, Quantic has worked to bring the rhythms and musical traditions of Colombia, his home for the last little while, in contact with the music of the Caribbean, notably Jamaica, Trinidad, and Cuba.  What results is a very lovely album, a sort of Cuban South American dub.

In the liner notes, Quantic goes to great length to explain the provenance of each musician and how they got involved in the project (more and more, I'm noticing how much people like to write about this stuff in their liner notes), and since I am not familiar with any of the names, it doesn't matter to me much at all.

What does matter is that this is an album that can be listened to on its own, or left on as beautiful background music.  Most tracks are instrumental, but some feature vocals.  Very nice stuff.

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