Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unknown Soldier #23

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Alberto Ponticelli

Now that I've read this, there are only two issues of Unknown Soldier remaining, and that makes me sad.  This book has been amazing since it started, and it's going to be a shame to not be able to pick it up each month.

With this issue, Moses is no longer Moses.  Instead, he's back to being Subject 9, and he's back to working for the CIA (or so they think).  He insists that, if he's going to work with them, they must bring Jack Lee Howl out of retirement to be his handler.  He is, of course, working a different plan, and it's not long before Moses/9 and Howl are on the run.

Most significantly, this issue has Moses/9 meet up with Sera, Moses's wife.  This is a scene that has been a long time coming, and Dysart works it perfectly, interspersing what's happening with scenes from their relationship together.

Now, with two issues left, Moses/Subject 9 is heading into the bush to attempt to kill Joseph Kony, while the flashback sequences that have been book-ending recent issues move towards revealing just what the original Unknown Soldier said to Subject 9 the first time they met.

Oh - if, like it has with me, this book has piqued your interest in Uganda, there's a terrific article in the new issue of Harper's about how right wing evangelical Christians in the US have influenced the Ugandan government into considering a bill that makes homosexuality a capital offense.

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