Friday, August 6, 2010

Greek Street #14

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Werther Dell'Edera

It's no surprise that Greek Street couldn't make more of a go of things (it's being canceled in two issues), but it is a bit of a shame.  I think, had Milligan started with more stories like the one in this issue, which finishes the three-part Ajax arc, the book may have had more success.

Ajax has told the story of Alex, a lower-class British soldier whose life fell apart in Afghanistan, where he was injured.  He has a pretty severe case of PTSD, although he has not been receiving any treatment for it.  He has fixated on the Minister for Defense, claiming that he has blocked him from receiving a medal, because Alex 'took the piss' out of him during a press conference.  In this issue, Alex takes the Minister hostage, and is forced to confront his messed-up reality.

Previous stories in this series have worked at integrating Greek myth into the story.  Characters are meant to be stand-ins or reincarnations of Greek heroes or legends.  If there is a precedent for this story, which does have Alex experiencing visions of a ghostly Ajax, I don't know it.  I think this looser interpretation of the structure of the series that has made this story work better.

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