Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sparta U.S.A. #6

Written by David Lapham
Art by Johnny Timmons

David Lapham makes some very cool comics.  He has a unique approach to writing, and often peoples his books with duplicitous and immoral people, who usually get what's coming to them.  In Sparta USA, he examines some of his usual themes, but from a different perspective.

The town of Sparta is built on the two pillars of American culture: football and violent self-interest.  When the former Spartan hero, Godfrey McLaine returned to the town after years of absence, he upset the order of things.  The Maestro, the mysterious leader of the town, responded by attacking with an army of Nazis (yes, Nazis).

This final issue has the final battle between McLaine and his army, and the Nazi forces.  It reveals just about everything that I have been wondering about since the beginning of the book, and explains the source of The Maestro's power.  It also has a couple of twists I didn't expect, especially at the very end.

The art has been decent throughout the series, and the story, while frequently bizarre, was interesting and enjoyable.  I hope to see more work from Lapham soon (hopefully he'll draw something again).

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