Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweets #2

by Kody Chamberlain

I picked up the first issue of Sweets on spec - it looked interesting, but I wasn't sure if I was going to stick with it.  I liked it enough to want to get the second issue, and now I'm hooked.

On the surface, Chamberlain is giving us a straight-up police procedural that reads like some of the best episodes of Homicide Life on the Street.  The two lead detectives on the 'Sweets' case - a string of murders connected through the pralines left by each victim's body - argue, grumble, and carry on like the frequently cantankerous cops on that much-missed TV show.

At the same time, Chamberlain continues to play with the comics form, giving us the odd page featuring the killer, always in black and white, and another short look into his childhood, drawn in a much more simplistic and primitive style.  On top of it all, the story is set in New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina hits, which will probably factor in to the end of the series.

This is a great example of a solid crime comic.  Anyone who enjoys Criminal should pick this up.

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