Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lucifer Vol. 8: The Wolf Beneath the Tree

Written by Mike Carey
Art by P. Craig Russell, Ted Naifeh, Peter Gross, and Ryan Kelly

I found this volume of Carey's Lucifer series to be pretty inconsistent in its quality, which was unexpected for this title.

The first story included here is the double-sized 'Lilith' story illustrated by P. Craig Russell, and it tells of Lucifer's betrayal of heaven, although the story is mostly centered around Lilith and the early days of the Lillim, her children.  It also tells of the construction of Heaven.  Being illustrated by Russell means that every page is gorgeous, and it is a fantastic comic.

Next, we get a one-off story illustrated by Naifeh, which focuses on a man who gets possessed by a demon.  It's a fun, mean-spirited story, and Naifeh's art is excellent for it.

From there, we return to 'continuity', and get more of Lucifer and Michael dealing with the absence of God.  I could handle that, but found that the story involving Fenris wanting to destroy all creation, and using a schizophrenic murderer to help, a little tedious.  The art was great, but the story seemed to similar to the last couple of volumes, and I found my interest wandering.

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