Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Proof #15

Written by Alex Grecian
Art by Riley Rossmo

This finishes off the 'Thunderbirds are Go!' arc, and sets a lot into play for subsequent issues. As I said in reviewing the last issue, I think this arc bit off more than it could chew, as Grecian tried to squeeze a lot of events and character development into one arc, and it felt pretty disjointed at times.

This issue worked better, as the 'Ginger in the sewers' story left a new status quo for the Golem, and has introduced the idea that Po is going to be a major antagonist in the future. The Thunderbirds plot sort of limped to an end, and didn't fully resolve much - where did the Savage Dragon get to? I did like the bit where Proof almost got up enough nerve to ask someone out, then backtracked.

Finally, what I think worked best in this issue were the scenes at the Lodge, dealing with the Ink Monkey, and the injured werewolf from last issue. There are intimations that things are 'out of balance' - a theme for this week, seeing as I read the Final Crisis Secret Files immediately before this - although there's no real explanation as to what that means.

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