Sunday, December 28, 2008


by Brian Michael Bendis

One great thing about having time off is having more time to read and catch up on my growing pile of trades that I got off Ebay lately.

This is a good book by Bendis. It's all about some nobody college kid who gets shoulder tapped by Candice Bergen to become a disposable CIA agent, except he doesn't know about the disposable part until later on. And then stuff happens.

It's not at the same level of Goldfish in terms of dialogue or pacing, but it's a nice looking book. In the afterword, Bendis talks about how he remastered the entire book from the original comics, fixing some of the panels, and re-lettering the entire thing. Unfortunately, he did this without an editor, as the book is full of typos and grammatical mistakes.

One thing that is apparent is the planning that Bendis put into his earlier work, which has continued over into his work for Marvel.

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