Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guerillas #3

by Brahm Revel

Next to the Walking Dead, I think this is my favorite book that Image puts out right now. This series amazes me with the amount of content that comes in each issue - we get some great action scenes, two expository scenes that explain why there are apes in army uniforms in the first place, and why they've gone AWOL, and some wonderful character moments. I love how Revel has developed each ape as a different character, and is able to show their personality through his art.

The last panel made me shiver.

In the text piece, Revel talks obliquely about sales for this book. I really hope it's something he's able to finish, as it is a fantastic book. For anyone trade-waiting: don't bother. Go buy the book now. If you can find the first three issues at your comic shop, go buy them. If you can't, order them. At $5.99 an issue, it might be intimidating, but these are thick, content-filled books, and worth every penny.

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