Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ex Machina #40

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Tony Harris and Jim Clark

The only review I saw of this on the net called in self-indulgent, and I suppose it was, but it was also a good comic. In this issue, Brian Vaughan and Tony Harris borrow a page from the end of Grant Morrison's Animal Man run, and meet Mayor Hundred and the crew in order to interview (audition?) for the job of creating the comic-book biography of the Great Machine.

What makes this comic work, in addition to the little comic industry in-jokes that pepper the story, is the way Vaughan portrays himself and his experiences of New York. This comic has always been tied very closely to the city, and Vaughan reveals that this series really is his love letter to NYC.

Harris does a great job here, as always. I love that it's his Starman that gets the duo their interview, and he does a fantastic job of portraying Vaughan. His eyes show real human intelligence throughout the book.

The last two pages are hilarious too.

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