Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gigantic #2

Written by Rick Remender
Art by Eric Nguyen

I really like the premise behind Gigantic - that the entire Earth is a huge TV sound stage built by aliens for the purpose of creating a massive reality show, which is watched throughout the universe.

In this issue, we learn that Gigantic was abducted from Earth in the 50s, and was forced into becoming a gladiator on some other TV show. He's now returned, and some suited alien guys are sent to retrieve him (along with a cameraman of course). Gigantic reveals the truth about Earth's origins to all of humanity, setting up a platform from which tons of stories can be told.

My problem with this issue is with the art. I love Nguyen's work - especially from the early issues of Strange Girl, and so I feel bad complaining about it. He seems to adopt a more traditional style in this issue, but instead of making the action easier to follow, that seems to make it harder. I have no idea how big Gigantic is. In the first issue, he was knocking down buildings, but now he's sleeping on his brothers couch. His size seems to change from panel to panel, which is fine if that's one of his abilities, but it hasn't been explained. I also don't understand how in one scene that started off on a farm, the Golden Gate bridge suddenly appeared. I doubt, with Marin County property values being what they are, there are too many farms with a bridge view. That last point is minor, but it goes to show that there needs to be a little more visual consistency, and then this book will be great.

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