Saturday, December 20, 2008

Doktor Sleepless #10

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Ivan Rodriguez

I like the way the second book of Doktor Sleepless seems to be working. Last issue focused on a reporter from New York who came to Heavenside to write about grinding (and of course, the Doktor). This issue now shifts its gaze to some Homicide cop (whose lieutenant is Amanda Waller) who is investigating the attack on the journalist that ended the last issue.

We finally get some insight into the homeless guy with the nasty teeth, and his connection to John Reinhardt. It seems that this new arc is mostly going to be about people reacting to the things that Sleepless has set in motion.

The best thing about this issue is an appearance from Preston Stoker, the commissioner of police for Heavenside. I think that Preston Stoker is one of the great comic characters of the decade (and I'm sure that Preston Stoker thinks the same thing).

In all, this is a very good issue. This series has been rather consistent in its pace and its look, even if some issues don't always show the main character or give away much about where the series is headed.

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