Sunday, January 24, 2010

Young Men of a Certain Mind

by Lars Martinson

Recently I read and enjoyed Tonoharu, Lars Martinson's first graphic novel. I decided to order his mini-comic as well, and it arrived this week.

It's very similar to Tonoharu in format and structure. This book is about John, a recent graduate who can't find work in illustration or design, and ends up working as a night-shift bellboy at a hotel. He quickly grows to hate the people he works with, if not the job itself, and begins to search for a means of escape.

When that escape does come, it is in the form of an opportunity to teach in Japan, thereby setting up the later book.

What is amusing throughout this comic is John's difficulty in communicating with people. Their personal quirks become a constant source of annoyance, and yet he himself is almost paralyzed by his own apathy. This comic fits quite well within the 'hater' genre of independent comics.

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