Friday, January 22, 2010

Cowboy Ninja Viking #3

Written by AJ Lieberman
Art by Riley Rossmo

I think I'm losing interest in this title. The 'high concept,' featuring government-sanctioned assassins who each have three separate, yet somehow contiguous, personalities is a cool one, but the storytelling in this series is messy.

Each of the Triplets, and this issue has three different ones, are constantly having conversations within their heads, and it's not always clear what is being said out loud. Also, characters just pop in and out of this story, with no real explanation of who they are. The art is a little muddy, making it difficult to always recognize who is who.

This book has recently been made an on-going series, and this actually turns me off it. Were it only going to last for a few issues, I could see making the effort to understand and piece it together, but the on-going format means that Lieberman doesn't have to restrict his story to something that can be logically explained in a short span of pages, and this makes me nervous that the present storyline might continue indefinitely.

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