Friday, January 22, 2010

Air #17

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by M.K. Perker

Air continues to be an intriguing comic. This month, Blythe and Zayn spend more time together, as Blythe continues to recover from her addiction to anxiety medications. She somehow ends up sending Zayn into her past, to relive her job interview at Clearfleet, similarly to how she re-lived his life in a previous issue.

Their relationship is strengthening, which is providing a little more stability for Blythe and for the reader, as this is one of the more sedentary issues of Air. There are hints that big things are coming for Blythe, as she is expected to equal or surpass Amelia Earhart as a hyperprax pilot.

Wilson and Perker are putting out good work with this comic.

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