Saturday, January 30, 2010

Northlanders #24

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Leandro Fernandez

As the winter continues, the settlement begins to run out of food and hope. Gunborg, the big greedy guy in charge of security decides to take a small group of men out of the settlement to travel to the next closest town, to assess the plague there and to hopefully trade. His journey remains hidden from us, although I imagine it will be addressed in the next issue.

At the same time, Hilda, the titular plague widow, receives much attention from a variety of potential suitors, although none of it appears to be very welcomed.

Wood uses this issue to give us some insight into the religious sentiments within the settlement, elucidating on how these Northmen, while having adopted Christianity, are still very much products of the 'old ways'. This is a very powerful arc.

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