Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dynamite Pilot #1

by Spanky Cermak

It's hard to review this comic, because my issue was misprinted, repeating certain pages randomly, instead of running the pages that were supposed to be their originally.

Even with the confusion that this caused, it's easy to see that this is a very cool comic. It's about a young man who works as a 'dynamite pilot', the person who pilots large missiles into the sides of Great Sky Whales, large vessels that carry tons of supplies. The Pilots world (or territory) has been taken over by the Disintians, an apparently fascistic group of people. The Pilot's people try to fight back, and to live off the husks of the Sky Whales they manage to down.

Within all of this, there's something about our Pilot being a 'chosen one', and a person of great importance to his tribe and people. There's not a lot of character-building in this first issue, the focus instead being on establishing the world the comic is set upon.

This comic has a real 'Dune' vibe to it, with its open deserts and Fremen-like culture. The art is quite nice, reminding me a little of Jamie Hewlett. Searching around on-line, I can't tell if more of these are being published or not, but I would definitely read more about this character.

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