Friday, January 29, 2010

Okko: The Cycle of Earth #4

by Hub with Emmanuel Michalak

This got past me the other week, so I'm late in reviewing it, but considering this title's publication history, no one should be casting blame.

The second Okko cycle has drawn to a close, and I find I am enjoying this title, even though it is a little hard to follow in places, due to the smaller size of North American comics when compared to French ones. I recently flipped through some of the original French volumes of this book, and found the art worked much better in that format, although the French was beyond my meager ability to translate.

Hub's storytelling is definitely convoluted, as he crams the pages full of action and characters. There is only a limited amount of character development in this issue compared to the last one, but I am still intrigued to find out more about this group of heroes as they continue on their journeys. The marriage of French and Japanese sensibilities makes this book unique and interesting.

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