Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Mighty #12

Written by Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne
Art by Chris Samnee

And, another under-promoted, quality comic bites the dust. At least DC allowed Tomasi and Champagne the opportunity to bring their story to a close in a way that felt natural and not too rushed. This has been a pretty good story about a Superman character (Alpha One was a dumb name though) who was not as altruistic as he seemed.

At the centre of the comic has been Cole, Alpha One's most trusted 'chum', who has discovered the truth, and gained powers along the way. His relationship with his wife is the driving force behind almost the entire series, and it was written really well.

Samnee's art was magnificent throughout his run on the title, picking up from the incomparable Peter Snejbjerg. This comic should read very well in trade, and I hope it finds itself more of an audience.

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