Saturday, January 9, 2010

Proof #25

Written by Alex Grecian
Art by Riley Rossmo

Proof returns to the comics shelves with an extra-sized, 25th anniversary issue. It is worth commenting on how notable that is - not many independent comics make it that far, and up until recently, the book was remarkably dependable in terms of its publication schedule.

In this issue, perhaps as a tribute to how much time has passed, the story is set one year in the future, where the Lodge has become a war zone, and Wayne (Proof's old partner) is fighting against the Colonel. Each side has a number of familiar faces on it, although there is no sign on Proof.

I'm not sure if this is a 'Days of Future Past' kind of thing, which might never come to pass, or if Grecian is outlining his plans for the re-launch of this title later in the year. Regardless, it's an interesting, if unconventional, issue.

Also included is the first ever Proof story, along with a note explaining why it can't be considered canon. It's good stuff.

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