Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pizzeria Kamikaze

Written by Etgar Keret
Art by Asaf Hanuka

This is a very cool little comic out of Israel. Mordy is a young suicide, who has woken up in a strange, crummy world populated solely by people who offed themselves. People carry with them the marks of their demise - bullet holes and slashed wrists abound, except for the Juliets like Mordy, who did themselves in with pills or poison.

The world seems to operate much like ours, except for the tendency for 'insignificant' miracles to occur, although they never really matter. The other main difference is that people seem to just shuffle around through their lives, lacking purpose or drive.

Mordy makes friends with a guy called Uzi, and they just hang out, until Mordy gets news that his girlfriend from life has arrived somewhere in the country. This prompts a rather odd little road trip, as Mordy and Uzi leave the city to search for her. Along the way, they meet a few people, eat some ice cream, and discover a death cult.

The story is quite well-written, reminding me a great deal of Jim Munroe's post-rapture comics Therefore Repent! and Sword of my Mouth. Hanuka's art is very nice, and the decision to print the book with a metallic silver ink instead of black adds an otherworldly sheen to everything that happens.

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