Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wasteland #27

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Christopher Mitten

Wasteland appears to be on a bit of a Rashomon tip these days, as events in Newbegin are being explored through different perspectives with each issue. Where last issue was centred on Yan, this one is focused on Jakob, the sunner turned High Disciple, who has to deal with split allegiances and distrust from all sides.

I've always admired this comic for the level of detail paid to world-building and character development. This issue is another strong example of this, as Johnston slow-builds the coming conflict between Marcus's people and the Sunners of Newbegin.

It's nice to see Golden Voice again, although I was surprised to see him embracing a violent approach, it doesn't seem to suit his gentle character, as he was portrayed in earlier appearances.

The 'Walking the Dust' textpiece is as good as usual as well.

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