Sunday, January 31, 2010


by Blue Scholars

I see the Blue Scholars as one of the most talented and interesting hip-hop duos out there today. Their earlier albums and ep's have gotten tons of play by me, as I've enjoyed their mix of politically conscious lyrics with straight-up boom bap beats.

This is a different type of project though. The Scholars have left serious, earnest Seattle for laid-back Hawai'i, and that has affected both their sound and their message. This 6 track ep, with the instrumentals tacked on to the back end, is more about partying and chilling than any previous release, but for that reason, it's a very enjoyable confection.

'HI-808' is yet another tribute to the classic drum machine, while 'Coo?' expresses Geologic's opinion of most new music. 'Cruz' is a straight forward party song, with an infectious beat.

This is a nice teaser between albums. I'm hoping something new, and non-digital only, drops soon.

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