Saturday, January 16, 2010

False Hopes Fifteen

by Doomtree

Anyone who checks this blog regularly knows how much I love the Doomtree crew, so the release of the latest in the 'False Hopes' series of ep's was greated with great excitement. It's only 8 tracks in length, but it is a terrific sampling of the group's personalities and talents.

It opens with a nice intro from Paper Tiger before heading in to a couple of bangers - 'Coup for the Kings' by Sims and POS, with Lazerbeak on beats, and 'Profit & Loss', a recession-themed posse cut featuring the whole crew.

Cecil Otter's 'A Rickety Bridge' is your standard Otter poetic gold, and 'Scuffle' has me looking forward to Dessa's solo album, which should be arriving this week or next. POS and Mictlan get a solo track each in 'Do Not Stay' and 'OMG!' (respectively), showcasing their strengths. The ep ends with Otter's instrumental 'Carpe Diem', a lovely, almost drum'n'bass track.

This is a good way to spend a half hour, and a perfect sampler for anyone thinking about checking out Doomtree. Now I want more though...

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