Saturday, March 28, 2009

Top 10 Season Two Special #1

Written by Zander Cannon
Art by Daxiong

I really like having Cannon continue with Alan Moore's Top 10 universe. The original series and graphic novel that Moore wrote were so full of ideas and potential that they could easily sustain a few monthly titles for years without getting played out.

That said, I find it strange the approach that Cannon and Wildstorm are taking with this book. This special comes out two weeks after the end of the four-issue Season Two series, which left many many plot lines unresolved. I thought that this was Cannon's way of finishing up what ended up being too much story for four issues. Instead, this is a completely self-contained book that helps continue two characters' arcs, but doesn't touch on any of the other plot-lines from before.

This issue focusses on Girl Two, who has left Top 10 for a job as a public defender. She's new at the job, and having as much difficulty with it as she did being a police, but she is working hard at demonstrating to herself that she's up to the task. She's also dating Pete Cheney, who is unemployed after being removed from the force a couple of weeks ago. The story revolves around a murderer she's defending, who she believes is innocent, even though he has confessed. The courtroom drama plays out quite well, involving tons of Top 10 weirdness.

The art is by Daxiong, over Cannon's layouts. I'm not familiar with his work, and he's no Gene Ha, but he has a good feel for this title. His characters have large eyes, and very expressive faces. He's also packed the panels with background, just as Ha does on this title.

While I enjoyed this book very much, I hope there are more specials coming our way, especially one that will resolve Peregrine's situation. In her short appearance in this book, she doesn't appear to be pregnant any more, and while she refers to her husband, nothing is cleared up regarding his possession.

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