Saturday, March 7, 2009

No Hero #4

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Juan Jose Ryp

The sub-title for this series has been "How much do you want to be a super-human?", and this issue goes as far as possible to make the choice seem completely insane. It's been a couple of issues since Josh took the FX7 drug, and it has completed its transformation of him - unfortunately, that transformation has involved his shedding most of his skin, and one external organ of which most men are quite fond. It has given him super-strength though, and he seems to think that the trade-off is a fair one.

He is 'debuted' to the general public as Revere - the newest member of the Front Line, who dresses a little like a Nascar driver with a porcelain doll's mask (it's not the greatest character design I've ever seen), and the debut doesn't go well - making it all the clearer that the Front Line is in trouble.

Really, not a whole lot else happened in this issue, but it is excellent none the less. Ellis introduces Redglare, another Front Liner, and he gives him some nice scenes with Masterson. Ryp continues to channel Geof Darrow with his fantastic, detailed artwork, and the series is just humming along.

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