Saturday, March 14, 2009

Northlanders #15

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Ryan Kelly

The Cross + The Hammer is nearing its conclusion, and its two central figures finally get the chance to communicate with each other. It's interesting to see how Wood inverts the customary depiction of Vikings as savage barbarians, instead showing Ragnar as a man who views himself as helping to bring civilization to Ireland. We finally get to know a little more about Magnus, as his tattoo is explained, and we see the harsh treatment that he receives at the hands of Ragnar's men.

What is unclear is how much time has passed since the last issue. I'm sure that the date at the front of the book would give me some indication, but I don't remember what the date was last issue, and couldn't be bothered to dig it out. This is the problem when books are written for trade I suppose. In any case, I guess it's been a while (or Brigid has a very short memory). I imagine all will become clear with the next issue.....

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