Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #2

Story by Warren Ellis
Written and art by Steve Pugh

This title is amazing! Pugh, working from a story or story idea of Warren Ellis's, is putting out one of the best books on the stand. There are a ton of interesting ideas at play here - the 'blue lights' and a world where the dead don't really die, the rioting that is taking over the city, the fear police have of Homeland Enforcement, the 'ghost bomb'; all of which take second stage to the incredible characterization of Detective Exorcist Hotwire herself.

While the character is of a familiar type in Ellis's body of work, Pugh has managed to flesh her out very nicely, both in terms of her character and her appearance (she really is cute). Her prickly relationship with all other police is what makes this book so readable.

The best thing of all though is the art. I was uncertain of Pugh's new style when I read Shark-Man, but now I'm a fully-converted fan. This book is incredibly gorgeous, with both realistic-looking characters and impressive blue-light forms, especially the Chinese dragon ghost.

I hope that Radical intends to return to the world of Hotwire when this series wraps up.

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