Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rawbone #1

Written by Jamie Delano
Art by Max Fiumara

Anything written by Jamie Delano is an automatic purchase with me, but the first few pages of this book had me questioning that decision. Then I figured out that he was purposely writing with such florid, purple prose, and then I decided to simply enjoy this for what it is - a twisted, depraved little pirate tale that is purposely written somewhere in the land of bodice-rippers, adventure pulps, and Victorian over-writing.

Major Jack is commanding a group of British soldiers in a bid to rescue his betrothed from the clutches of La Sirena, a black female pirate who has taken her captive and has gotten to 'enjoy' her company. And, because Delano is playing around with pirate archetypes, there is a huge treasure waiting somewhere, if only he can convince La Sirena to lead them to it. That, of course, involves sex with a monkey, but it's best not to go there.

Fiumara's art here matches with the Avatar style - realistic and unadorned pencil art, looking nothing like his work on Four Eyes. I've noticed that he is not the solicited artist on the next two issues, which is interesting.

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