Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scalped #26

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Davide Furno

This issue of Scalped is focused entirely on Diesel, the 1/16th Kickapoo wannabe currently serving time for murdering a kid and his mother in the best arc of Scalped to date. Clearly, Aaron has future plans for this character, as he takes the time to develop his back-story further, showing us how he developed his brutality as a child.

The art in this issue is provided by Furno, who has worked on this title before. His art reminds me somewhat of John Watkiss, and works very nicely with this story.

This comic does keep getting better. While I enjoy Aaron's work-for-hire stuff at Marvel, this is the title which really shows his strengths and talents as a writer.

I'm not sure where this High Lonesome arc is going - this issue is completely unrelated to the last one - but I'm looking forward to seeing what the next issue has in store.

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